As a part of the consortium project 'Development of Sanskrit computational tools and Sanskrit-Hindi Machine Translation system (2008-2012)', funded by DeiTy, Government of India, under the TDIL programme, following guidelines for tagging were developed.
  1. Morph Analyser
  2. pos-guidelines
  3. sandhi-splitting-guidelines
  4. samasa-tagging-guidelines
  5. kaaraka-tagging-guidelines ver1: Eng
  6. kaaraka-tagging-guidelines ver1: Skt
  7. kaaraka-tagging-guidelines ver2: Eng
  8. kaaraka-tagging-guidelines ver2: Skt
  9. kaaraka-tagging-guidelines ver3: Eng
  10. kaaraka-tagging-guidelines ver3: Skt
  11. kaaraka-tagging-guidelines ver4: Eng