A tool to analyse Navya-Nyāya Expressions


Department of Sanskrit Studies, University of Hyderabad.

We present a semi-automatic computational tool to represent a Navya-Nyāya Expressions(NNE) through Conceptual Graphs of Sowa.
This tool consists of a domain specific Segmenter, a semi-automatic constituency Parser, Graph renderer and a type-identifier.

1) Segmenter (पदच्छेदिका) splits tha given NNE into components
2) Parser (अन्वयनिर्धारिका) provides an ian user interface for interactive constitutional parsing.
3) Graph renderer (चित्रदर्शिका) renders the Conceptual Graph and Compressed Conceptual Graph.
4) Compound-Type-identifier (समास-प्रकार-अन्वेषिका) identifies the type of tha compound of an NNE.

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